Ultra Flat Series

-Proudly Made In Italy-

UF 295 CBS

Designed as a pure subwoofer transducer. Intended for small closed box applications. Stunningly low distortion due to symmetrical suspension, inductance and ironless motor

UF 295 FAS

Designed as a pure dipole woofer. The pure dome is made of Fiberglass/Rohacell and suspended directly on the voice coil. Symmetrical suspension and inductance enables proper piston behavior

Award Winning Design

To design a simple elegant solution, one sometimes have to solve very complex problems. Our chassis had to comply with many aspects and there was only one supplier on the planet willing to take on the challenge. Bruschi S.P.A. in Milan, Italy.

Their open mindedness to extend the boundaries with us to create the high precision rings needed for the Ultra Flat Series transducers resulted in the IZA award in June 2023

Congratulations to the award and thank you for being part of our journey as a valued supplier!

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